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Making a Living While Making a Difference has been featured on several dozen radio stations from coast to coast in the U.S., and internationally. To set up an interview, please contact Dennis Church at EcoIQ, ecoiq (at)

Here are three good conversations with Hudson Valley hosts that we share for your listening pleasure.

Press coverage:
  • Register-Star, Feb 17, 2008:
    Those looking to change careers get guidance from local author

    By Amanda M. DeWald
    Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

    Without a prepared lesson plan, Melissa Everett sat in the soft light of The Spotty Dog book store and led a class Saturday night. Community members gathered around two tables at what they thought would be a book signing, but instead turned into a group discussion.

    The topic: Development of vocation. Not just any job will do.

    Those gathered discussed how to find "the right livelihood" — life's work that pays the bills and leads to personal fulfillment by making a positive impact on the community and world.

    Making a Living While Making a Difference (New Society Publishers), the third edition of Everett's book, is a studied guide for how to do just that.
    "I am at the point where I am saying, 'So why am I working so hard at a job that I hate to sustain a life I don't really want?" said one community member at the signing. Another participant, an interior designer from Connecticut, had dropped into Hudson and happened into the book store on a whim. But once inside, she discovered that Everett's book addressed exactly the concerns she was having in her own life."I don't know what I want to do, but I am passionate about the environment, and I know I want to make a change," she said.

    An international airline stewardess said the wasteful practices she witnessed everyday were causing her "a real dilemma." But like most of those present, she was concerned about how to simplify, how to give up generous benefits or salaries, and how to detach from the life she had known.

    Making a Living While Making a Difference is a book meant to guide individuals through change and help them find their work in a changing nation and world. As the nature of opportunity shifts and industrial society collapses, this is a "time of reinvention” said Everett. "But where are we going?"

    Also the Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley - an organization striving to link economic development with environmental and community health – Everett wrote the book to help guide people’s career switches to “green” and other socially conscious work. As business and society increasingly emphasize these values, and American economies look for new footholds, socially conscious initiatives can be lucrative as well as rewarding. Career opportunities for workers with an entrepreneurial spirit and social consciousness are more abundant than ever, she said.

    “Its’s about innovating ideas, coming up with entrepreneurial and sustainable sources – here, not just over in Europe”, said Matt de la Houssaye, project manager for the Hudson-based Eco-Grid, who was present Saturday night and is also featured in Everett’s book.

    The new edition follows previous releases in 1995 and 1999, but this time Everett said she got it right. "It is finally well-organized and fine-tuned." The book is organized into two parts, designed to help readers identify their life's work and then take practical steps to get through career and life change. The second part is broken out into a ten-step program.

    Everett said she made the book both "virtuous and pragmatic," so career and life changers "can really use this as the one book they buy." A job can meet survival needs and also make an impact, she said, if people "turn on the light of creativity and generosity and do something meaningful in their lives."

    To contact reporter Amanda M. DeWald, call 828-1616, ext. 2269. or write to adewald (at)

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