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 Deep work pays off for Rowe Conference Center workshop participants

“Melissa got to the heart of the challenge of sustainable development, showcasing practical models to help build the groundswell for real change. Her presentation was well attended and well received.”
-- Tony Lisanti, Organizer, Clarkstown NY Environmental Summit

“Melissa is a dynamic, energetic speaker who captivates an audience by providing real-world examples and a coherent framework that applies to anyone. Her passion shines through. When I listened to her speak, everything clicked. I knew exactly what I needed to do.”
-- Annalise Stack, student, Green Mountain College MBA program

“How many presentations have you crying cleansing tears of joy and recognition, to hear the stories of people you know and admire, and the visions of positive change that you know the world needs? Melissa's keynote for our youth leadership conference did just that for me.”
-- Matt Nicodemus, Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility in Job Decisions steering committee

“Melissa's keynote presentation was a highlight of our conference day, according to quite a few participants. She provided a great blend of perspective and inspiration for our very diverse, somewhat jaded audience of employment and training professionals.”
-- Tom Bregman, co-producer, Hudson Valley Green Economy conference

Workshops with Melissa Everett
Author, Making a Living While Making a Difference:
Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence (New Society 2007)



Working Your Values in a Scary Economy: This new workshop brings the classic framework of Making a Living While Making a Difference into focus in the context of an unstable economy, high unemployment, and the proliferation of "McJobs" with limited mobility and benefits. How do we function as realistic entrepreneurs to create value propositions that will guide us into the most rewarding and useful careers we can create, while taking care of ourselves financially and creating more sustainable lives? 3 hour and weekend versions available.


Geographies of Our Lives: This new workshop uses the Ten Step framework of Making a Living While Making a Difference to explore in-depth the geographic issues that make so many career choices challenging. How do we as couples negotiate choices about where to live when our individual careers may pull in different directions? How do we consider jobs that require commuting or extensive travel, in context of current energy costs and issues? How do we put into words the issues of geography that often underlie career dilemmas, including the mysterious attraction or aversion that we may have to a place without apparent logic? 3 hour and weekend versions available.


Making a Living While Making a Difference: The classic workshop for people changing jobs or renegotiating their present situation. Working with creative and expressive tools as well as group support, participants will practice using the Ten Step Program for Principled Career Development laid out in Making a Living While Making a Difference. Workshop segments focus in turn on thorough preparation, clarity on values and goals, investigation of opportunities, and a signature approach to moving forward with focused commitment and flexible methods, creating your own work life rather than waiting to be handed an opportunity.


Since 1995, this workshop has helped thousands of adults from first graduates to early retirees. It is powerful because it works with the whole brain and with emotional/ social intelligence to fill in gaps in participants’ understanding and help them tap new strengths. Participants will leave with a mapping of viable options and a research plan for investigating them in detail; a set of action steps and a statement of commitment to a direction in their lives.


This general interest workshop can be adapted for special focus such as:

  • Making a Living While Making a Difference in Creative Careers
  • Making a Living While Making a Difference in Technology
  • Making a Living While Making a Difference in Service
  • Making a Living While Making a Difference in Business


Two month lead time is requested. Group size 10 – 40. Sponsoring organization is responsible for all publicity and for ensuring that minimum group size is achieved, since peer to peer support is an essential feature of the workshop. Cancellations must be processed at least two weeks before workshop date. Workshop requires a comfortable, simple room with flexible seating, allowing for circular and small group arrangements, tables for materials, LCD projector/ screen setup, white board.


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