The career-life guide for people who care about their communities and the planet.

Table of Contents

 Introduction: The Impact Factor
Part OneThe Work to be Done
1Organizing the Infinite: Fields of Opportunity
2Work that Protects and Restores the Environment
3Work that Protects and Restores Our Communities
4Catalytic Occupations
Part TwoThe Ten Step Program for Principled Career Development
Step 1Wake up
Step 2Stabilize Your Life
Step 3Create a Vibrant Support System
 Understand the Landscape and Yourself
Step 4Understand the Landscape
Step 5Understand Yourself
Step 6Identify the Essence of Your Work in the World
Step 7Commit Yourself to Doing Your Work in the World Whether or Not Anyone is Paying You for It Right Now
Step 8Plan and Organize Your Campaign
Step 9Plan (and Prepare) to Work with the Unknown
Step 10Co-Create the Workplace You Want
Appendix 1A Note to Career Counselors: Gatekeepers of a Positive Future
Appendix 2Making a Living and a Difference Internationally
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